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Wisdom begins with Wonder

Our Program

Our Program
Our program focuses on developing the whole child in a manner that is joyful and meaningful. We believe that joy in any learning experience fosters a lifelong love for learning. Our program focuses on creating 3 key connections: 
Connection to oneself

“Everyone is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing it is stupid”

- Albert Einstein

Early learning is a uniquely magical time when your child’s brain makes infinite connections as they discover the world and their place in it. A child’s brain is most receptive, flexible and uninhibited from birth to the age five and our goal is to preserve the magic and wonder of these impressionable years through learning experience that respects the rich variety in learning styles, strengths and weaknesses.     The mainstream educational process may not always allow our children to fully thrive in these differences or experience emotional safety to be truly inspired to learn.   Our approach is to respect the child as a leader in their learning experience and differentiate the way curricular content is presented, creating opportunities for children to feel comfortable in who they are and how they learn, leading to a joyful and meaningful learning experience. 

Connection to Nature

Our program aims to facilitate outdoor play and experiences in nature. These experiences can be difficult to come by in a city setting but we believe they are absolutely worth the effort. Our teachers prioritize outdoor experiences as part of each child’s daily routine. Whether we learn about shapes through the hexagonal wings of the dragonfly or to count using pinecones, we believe that nature offers infinite opportunities for wonder, curiosity and learning. We also bring nature into the classroom by incorporating natural materials for everyday projects.  During lesson planning, our teachers research ideas on bringing nature into the classroom.   Plants are a part of all classrooms and our monthly curricular topics cover themes from nature.   Learn more…


Connection to Community

Our program focuses on helping children develop a sense of empathy and responsibility for everyone’s well being. We believe that we are part of something bigger than ourselves and have a responsibility towards others.  Like the Aspen trees that are interconnected at the roots, our children are part of a larger community.  Our teachers model this philosophy and help children develop a sense of empathy, awareness and responsibility.  Mindfulness is woven through everything that our children participate in.  We believe that developing strength of character is just as important as strength of intellect and this principle is a key pillar of our teaching philosophy as well as our curriculum

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