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Wisdom begins with Wonder

Nature & Play

Connection to nature is a key part of our life philosophy and our parenting philosophy! Fostering this connection to nature and encouraging time outdoors will be a big part of a child's experience at the school. We do this both through outdoor experiences as well as bringing the outdoors indoor.

Outdoor play, walks in the neighborhood and experiencing nature in the city will be a daily activity that a light rain or wind can’t stop! 
For regular outdoor play, we plan to use a number of outdoor spaces close to the school:


  • Julian Abele Park on 22nd and Carpenter St. 


  • Marion Anderson Recreation Center on S. 17th St.

  • Ridgway Park on 13th and Carpenter St. 

  • Chew Playground 1800 Washington Ave

Nature Partnerships: 

We continue to build strategic partnerships with organizations like the Schuylkill Nature Center and other educators that are trained in nature-based early learning programs.

Experiencing Nature Indoors

Also of importance is our philosophy in bringing the outdoors indoors.  Designed to be aesthetically pleasing, each classroom maximizes natural light and follows several aspects of the Reggio Emilia style with items from nature brought in for exploration and learning.  Each classroom has indoor plants and nature-related projects.   Our curriculum is built on monthly nature-based themes.

Indoor Gross Motor Play Spaces

The school has 3 spacious gross motor spaces designed specifically for 3 age groups -  infants & young toddlers, older toddlers and for Preschool & Pre-K.   Each play space has natural light and is equipped with carefully selected items that encourage and enhance gross motor development .

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