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Wisdom begins with Wonder

5 yr K Program

The Aspen Grove Kindergarten program stems from our insight that 5 year olds are meaning-makers who are learning how to learn.  We recognize this delicate stage where they are ready to jump into more - more more instructional time, more language and self expression, more complex thought processes, more independence, more skill building, more friendships, more self-regulation, and yes, more purposeful play - and yet they need the comfort of a nest - an emotionally safe environment where they can be met where they are and nudged to the next level. Our program provides a small-size, child-led experience that balances intentional academics and social-emotional learning.  


Small size matters for kids with such big ambitions. In a class with 12 or fewer children, our K’s receive more individual teacher time for differentiated instruction, more constructive feedback, more time to share big ideas, to ask complex questions, dig deeper into topics, and for their own unique creative expressions. Research shows that kindergarteners who are in a class of fewer than 15 students outperform their peers in literacy, math, and social skill acquisition. Doing meaningful work within the emotional safety and guidance of a small and cohesive classroom enables their potential to soar.


Our academic program covers Language Arts (reading and writing), Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Art and a second language (Spanish). Underpinning this work is our Peace curriculum which fosters social-emotional literacy, empathy, inclusion and building positive self-identity, all within a culture of kindness. Aligned with the Aspen Grove education philosophy, children are constantly making connections - connections to oneself, to nature and to the community. The curriculum has been mapped with both public and private schools in mind, so your child will be well prepared for first grade when the time comes. We will meet with each family in January to discuss your decision about best next step placement for your student for the upcoming school year. Our teachers use formative and summative assessments to understand where each child is in their learning journey. With our small class sizes and differentiated instruction the teacher is able to meet each child where they are at with an understanding that where the child is, is exactly the right place for them. We provide Winter and Spring progress reports, aligned with the school district.


Time outdoors every day is a hallmark of education at Aspen Grove. As a city school that embraces the role of nature in learning, we tend to see anywhere in nature as our playground. Children spend at least an hour outdoors each day, often going out two times during the school day. "A small patch of grass, a single tree, and a walk to the store are opportunities to observe nature, generate questions, and conduct experiments to find answers—all critical science practices. Taking advantage of these opportunities provides children with ways to engage with important environmental science concepts, connect science with the real world, and build their understandings of everyday phenomena, such as why leaves fall from trees, where rain goes in a city, and how city animals find shelter" (From Puddles to Pigeons: Learning about Nature in Cities -


As the school year progresses, we are so proud to see little people who are not only ready for their journey to 1st grade but are also curious, persistent, inclusive and joyful citizens of the world!  


The school day is from 8:30 am - 3:30 pm. We offer after care for an additional fee.


As spaces are limited, please email for an application form or more information.

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